Industry Leading FRP Transit Platforms
Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Platforms and ADA Tiles create a long term solution for failing concrete materials.
Increased Transit Platform Life Span
Heated FRP Walkways and Platforms
25 Years of Experience Working with Transit Partners
FRP Platforms to Improve Accessibility

State of Art Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Transit Platforms

Armor-Deck® products enhance safety and durability throughout multi-modal transit stations and transit platforms. Armor-Deck® panels are composed of a structural reinforced polymer composite formed into a pre-cast panel incorporating a monolithic Diamond-Tek granite wearing surface. Manufactured by the makers of Armor-Tile®, our products boast a factory installed “Diamond Hard” vitrified polymer composite.

Armor-Deck®’s ultra-light weight panels are up to 85% lighter than traditional materials, such as concrete. These panels are easy to install, require no-maintenance and eliminate replacement costs. Each panel is UV-stable and comes with a 25-year structural and corrosion resistant warranty.

Armor-Deck's Elevated Transit

Innovative FRP Train Platforms from Armor-Deck®

Armor-Deck® is on the forefront of design and innovation, creating industry-leading transit safety solutions. Each of our products have undergone extensive testing to increase durability and create safer, more accessible multi-modal transit stations.

The specialized, high-density, non-porous material utilized in Armor-Deck® products offer the natural wear resistance of granite and is corrosion resistant to salt, ice melting chemicals and other prevalent chemicals found on a transit platform. Moreover, the non-porous material protects against the negative effects of the freeze/thaw cycles and eases maintenance. Armor-Deck® incorporates a system of fully code compliant truncated domes to serve as a detectable warning, and enhance accessibility for all persons.

Armor-Deck®’s product range provides a solution for every transit station. For transit platforms exposed to harsh winter climates, Nexatherm® Ice and Snow Melting Systems can be installed to reduce maintenance and enhance safety. Both our elevated and at grade platforms boast truncated domes as a tactile warning system to alert persons of all abilities of the edge of the platform. To ease your next project, and create an aesthetically pleasing final product, our composite stairs and pedestrian bridges can be customized to your project and significantly reduces material weight, compared to concrete. With Armor-Deck® ramps, passengers can safely move from platform to train and even cart to cart.  

Customized Solution by Armor Deck

Customized Solutions

Our team of expert engineers are able to supply panels of any size and shape to best suit your project, replacing existing concrete slabs or building new platforms.

Armor-Deck Engineering Expertise

Engineering Expertise

We have been working with major transit authorities, and their consultants, for over two decades to design platforms from the group up.

Armor Deck Exceptional-Durability

Exceptional Durability

Armor-Deck® composite platforms are proven to have a longer life span than traditional materials.

Armor-Deck Components/Accessories

Components & Accessories

Additional composite platform components are available, including steel substructure, snow-melting, retractable edges, knee walls, curbs, column covers and pedestals.

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