Data Sheet

Armor-Deck's Elevated Transit

Elevated Transit Datasheet

Armor-Deck Polymer Composite Elevated Transit Boarding Platform System has been used in an extensively in a variety of transit applications. Please download the following specification for planning your next project using Armor-Deck Elevated Transit Boarding Platform System.

Elevated Transit Platform installed by Armor-Deck

At Grade Transit Datasheet

Armor-Deck Polymer Composite At Grade Transit Boarding Platform System is designed to be a structural platform edge installed on a compacted gravel substrate.

Armor-Deck Nexatherm Heated ADA Tile

Nexatherm® Ice and Snow Melting System Datasheet

Control heating distribution panel for frost, ice and snow melting applications. This innovative product can be incorporated into Armor-Deck®’s structural composite platforms, bridges, ramps and stairs for new projects or installed over existing concrete.

Armor-Deck bridge at Winnetka

Pedestrian Bridges Datasheet

Armor-Deck Polymer Composite Pedestrian Bridge Deck provides an opportunity for architects and engineers to design aesthetically pleasing applications using this safe, durable, lightweight system with the added benefits of corrosion resistance, color selection and ease of installation.

Armor-Deck Portable Folding Ramp

Folding Ramp

Armor-Deck®’s ramp systems have been designed to increase the safety and accessibility of transit vehicles for those using wheelchairs or facing other mobility issues. Our specially designed transit safety ramps are available as portable composite ramps or fixed composite ramps.

Modular Transit Platform Datasheet

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