Nexatherm® heating systems provide reliable prevention of slips and falls by eliminating snow and ice, without the costs and negative corrosive effects of traditional methods.

The Next Generation of Snow, Frost and Ice Melting Systems

Nexatherm® is a controlled heating distribution panel for frost, ice and snow melting applications. This innovative product can be incorporated into Armor-Deck®’s structural composite platforms, bridges, ramps and stairs for new projects or installed over existing concrete.

The system activates automatically during periods of snow, frost and ice. There is no need for the traditional costly winter-time idling because the surface heats up in minutes, not hours. Nexatherm® extends the life of transit platforms by eliminating the use of salt or other de-icing chemicals and the physical damage from winter service vehicles. Not only does Nexatherm® eliminate labor intensive snow removal and repair costs but provides a safe, clean and dry walking surface without disruptions to passengers.

Nexatherm® Features

Since the Nexatherm® system is activated only for short periods during snow falls, the energy consumption is very low. The housing and maintenance for pumps, boilers and valves used in hydronic systems are not required with the Nexatherm® system. Additionally, the system operates automatically through the snow and temperature sensors without any manual input necessary. Cameras and temperature sensors can be monitored on your web enabled devices, and the system can be turned on and off remotely as well. 

Some noteworthy features of Armor-Deck®’s Elevated Platform Boarding System include:

  • Factory installed rub rail, detectable tactile warning and non-slip panel surfaces
  • Any panel size and shape to replace existing concrete slabs or build new platforms
  • Virtually any panel shape and size can be manufactured
  • Curved panels to match track radius and sloped panels for drainage
  • Can be installed under flagging without track outages
  • Perfect for where the load rating of older substructure requires a lighter platform deck
  • Composite platform components including knew walls, column covers and pedestals
  • Much longer life span than traditional materials

Nexatherm® Applications

The Nexatherm® heating system is most commonly used throughout the transit industry; within multi-modal transit station walkways and transit boarding platforms.

Some areas you may find Nexatherm® installed are:

  • Multi-modal transit stations
  • Pedestrian bridges
  • Ramps and stairways
  • Train boarding platform
  • Commuter train boarding platform
  • Light rail boarding platform
Armor-Deck Nexatherm Snow, Ice Melting Transit Platform