Pedestrian Bridges

Armor-Deck®’s Pedestrian Bridges give you the opportunity to design aesthetically pleasing applications, without sacrificing safety or durability.

Beautifully Designed, Durable Pedestrian Bridges

Armor-Deck®’s Pedestrian Bridge Decks provide an opportunity for architects and engineers to design aesthetically pleasing applications using this safe, durable, and lightweight system with the added benefits of corrosion resistance, color selection and ease of installation. They can replace wood, concrete or steel decks on existing structures or be used in the construction of a new bridge which can take advantage of the composite deck’s lighter weight.

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Pedestrian Bridge Features

Heavy machinery is often required for areas where concrete platforms are required. Many areas however, are not accessible by heavy machinery, which makes Armor-Deck® Pedestrian bridges the perfect choice. The lightweight material proves to be more durable and longer lasting than concrete, yet is easy to install because it is much lighter. Concrete decks are likely to begin deteriorating soon after installation, whereas Armor-Deck® material does not show any signs of degradation after many years of exposure in adverse conditions. Not only are Armor-Deck® Pedestrian Bridges resistant to salt, chemical and the freeze thaw cycle, but are incredibly wear resistant, withstanding even the harshest climates and heaviest foot traffic.

Armor-Deck® bridges can easily be engineered to mount a wide range of railing and fence designs and materials.

Some noteworthy features of Armor-Deck®’s pedestrian bridges include:

  • A much longer lifespan than traditional materials, thanks to the hardwearing, lightweight material
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Impervious to salt, chemicals and freeze/thaw
  • Bolt on railings
  • The slip and wear resistant surface is available in different colors and roughness

Pedestrian Bridge Applications

Armor-Deck®’s Pedestrian Bridges can be used to replace wood, concrete or steel decks on an existing structure or be used in the construction of a new bridge. These bridges have been engineered and manufactured to install in areas that are not easily accessible by heavy machinery.

Some common places you may find Armor-Deck®’s Pedestrian Bridges installed are:

  • Multi-Modal Transit Stations
Armor-Deck bridge at Winnetka
Pedestrian Bridge at MARC Odenton Ped by Armor Deck

Pedestrian Bridges Code Compliance

Our pedestrian bridges meet typical fire regulations for pedestrian bridges and building materials and are in compliance with ADA requirements

Our pedestrian bridges have been tested to exceed the following standards:

  • Tensile Modulus of Elasticity ASTM D 638
  • Compressive Strength ASTM C 109
  • Bond Strength ACI 503R
  • Freeze Thaw Resistance ASTM C 666
  • Wet Skid Resistance ASTM E 274