Armor-Deck® Ramps

Armor-Deck®’s composite ramps have undergone extensive FEA and prototype testing are used to design Armor-Deck® ramps with the most innovative, lightweight and durable materials available.

Lightweight Ramps to Support Heavy Loads

Armor-Deck®’s ramp systems have been designed to increase the safety and accessibility of transit vehicles for those using wheelchairs or facing other mobility issues. Our specially designed transit safety ramps are available as portable composite ramps or fixed composite ramps.

Portable Composite Ramps

For areas where the gap is too big between trains and elevated platforms, Armor-Deck®’s folding ramps systems are used to allow passengers to safely board and exit the train. In emergency situations, these lightweight, easy to maneuver ramps can be used to between two trains to convey passengers to safety. 

These ramps have been carefully designed to meet transit authorities’ and train car manufacturers’ specifications for loading, weight, span and mounting.

Armor-Deck Portable Folding Ramp
Portable Folding Ramp by Armor-Deck

Fixed Composite Ramps

Armor-Deck®’s fixed composite ramps are used to permanently raise concrete platforms to the same level as the train door, in order to meet ADA regulations and make train boarding and offloading more accessible for persons of all abilities. These ramps install under flagging and can be used immediately, without any delays or disruptions for passengers.

Armor-Deck® Ramp Features

Our lightweight, highly durable ramps are manufactured from a high density, non-porous material, which does not corrode or show any signs of wear and tear. This reliable, long lasting transit safety product has been meticulously tested to ensure the ramp’s edges transition smoothly to surrounding surfaces, such as asphalt, pavement concrete and wooden surfaces.

Armor-Tile® detectable warning pavers can be used in conjunction with Armor-Deck® products to meet ADA regulations and provide a tactile warning for persons with visual impairments. Ecoglo® luminous egress path markings can also be incorporated with Armor-Deck® ramps to provide critical path markings.

Some noteworthy features of Armor-Deck® ramps include: 

  • Light weight, folding ramps can easily be maneuvered by one employee
  • Zero maintence
  • Easy, time-efficient installation
  • Impervious to salt, chemicals and freeze/thaw cycles
  • Factory installed detectable tactile warning and non-slip panel surfaces
  • The folding ramp features adjustable flippers to provide a smooth transition between railcar to ramp
  • Strong and lightweight structural frame provides maneuverability from railcar to railcar with two people
  • Durable non-slip surface provides excellent traction in all weather conditions.

Armor-Deck® Ramp Applications 

Armor-Deck®’s fixed composite and portable composite ramps can be used in a variety of applications throughout transit stations and transit platforms.

At Grade Platform Applications

Armor-Deck® offers the best in safety when it comes to transit ramps, by providing highly-durable products that are not subjected to the negative effects of wear and tear. Armor-Deck® products are manufactured in accordance with transit authorities’ and train car manufacturer’s requirements, and meet ADA Compliance.

Armor-Deck Portable Transit Ramp