Armor-Deck® Test Reports

ArmorDeck Transit Boarding Platforms continually strive to advance the state of the art in technology. We are committed to ongoing testing to ensure the safety of the end user and provide the best possible product to our customers. If you would like any further detail on our test results and performance data please contact us or download the test reports below;

WJE Live Load Test Results

In 2007 Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. (WJE) performed a load test to verify compliance with the Chicago Building Code (CBC) on a representative Metra Rail station Armor-Deck Transit Platform. The station that Metra chose for this test was the Stony Island station located on the Metra Electric Line in Chicago, Illinois. The load test was performed in accordance with CBC Section 17(13-120-120) for a design live load of 100-psf. Further transcripts and photos of this test can be downloaded (see below).

UL Thermal Data and Test Reports

In 2005 Underwriters Laboratories performed testing on ArmorDeck Transit Boarding Platforms to collect thermal data and ensure the panels met the requirements of the Chicago Building Code. The test was conducted in accordance with ANSI/UL 723 standards to simulte fire-exposure conditions that might occur on an elevated transit platform. A 48″x48″ section of the ArmorDeck Transit Boarding Platform Panel was situated on top of a blast furnace that would maintain a temperature of 1700 F for 1hr. The total top surface temperature change after 1hr was a mere 3% of the total allowable tolerance acceptable. Further transcripts and photos of this test can be downloaded (see below).

WJE Load Calculations and Test Reports

n 2005 Wiss, Janney Elstner Inc. (WJE) performed load calculations on ArmorDeck Transit Boarding Platforms in accordance with the Chicago Building code for use in Metra transit platforms. This data was collected by WJE regarding the flexural and tensile strengths of the material. The results of the calculations indicate that the planks have a minimum factor of safety of 89 for an applied live load of 125psf. Full details of the report and calculations can be downloaded (see below).

WJE Physical Data and Test Reports

ArmorDeck Transit Boarding Platforms underwent testing with Wiss, Janney, Elstner Inc. (WJE) in 1999 to gather various physical data. The expiriments tested for the following; vibration, resonant frequency and damping, uplift, uniform design load, ultimate design load, co-efficient of friction/slip resistance and abrasion resitance. The transcripts can be downloaded and reviewed for more detail.