How would I know if the Armor Deck system will work for my project?

Designing an Armor Deck platform is similar to what it would be for precast concrete slabs except at 1/10th of the weight. Composite structures are known to have much higher strength characteristics than steel or concrete of comparable weight or size. We routinely provide platform design assistance and drawings to take advantage of the material’s strengths and efficiencies.

Is there a standard size of Armor Deck Panels?

Virtually any panel size and shape can be manufactured. The panels are sloped for drainage and curved to match the track radius. For existing stations where only the concrete deck is being replaced, the composite panels can be made to the same dimensions as the existing concrete slabs.

What is the cost of the Armor Deck system?

The Armor Deck system typically costs more than precast concrete as the base materials are more expensive. The difference in cost is offset by the speed of installation and the life cycle cost. A concrete platform will be replaced multiple times in the lifespan of an Armor Deck platform and will require much more maintenance and repairs during that time.

How does the cost of the Nexatherm snow and ice melting system compare with other systems?

The purchase cost of the Nexatherm system is similar to other electrical snow melting systems which are much less hydronic systems. The cost can be deferred over years and paid through a maintenance contract if desired. The operating cost of the Nexatherm system is much less than manual snow clearing operations and other electrical and hydronic systems. Because the flat panel heaters are close to the walking surface, they heat up instantly. The Nexatherm system doesn’t need to be kept idling all winter or turned on hours before a snow event to heat up like other systems.

How are external items attached to the Armor Deck panels?

Numerous items are attached to Armor Deck panels including retractable edges, railings, fences, light posts, knee walls, ladders, TVMs, benches, signs and curbs. These are attached to the Armor Deck panels by through bolting or bolting into embedded steel plates or polymer concrete blocks.

Is the Armor Deck system available in different finishes?

The Armor Deck panels are typically a UV resistant charcoal gray color but can be made in any color and in varying degrees of roughness / slip-resistance.

What testing has been done on the Armor Deck systems?

Extensive in-situ and laboratory testing has been conducted continuously over the past 20 years on the Armor Deck systems. Please contact us for details on the particular aspects that you’re interested in.