FRP Composite Train Platforms

Armor-Deck® offers an innovative solution to your transit projects, providing best-in class fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) panels and tiles to extend the life-span of your transit platforms.

Extend the lifespan of your Train Platforms

Armor-Deck Light Weight
Light Weight

Armor-Deck®’s FRP train platforms weigh up to 80% less than traditional materials, like concrete, making it easier than ever to work with.

Armor-Deck Customizable

Our FRP panels are all designed and manufactured in house, giving your project a higher level of customization.  

Armor-Deck Safe and Reliable
Non Slip Surface

ADA compliant truncated domes are incorporated in Armor-Deck®’s FRP train platforms, adding an all-weather non-slip grip and a code compliant tactile warning.

Armor-Deck Durable

Concrete platforms are proven to show signs of wear and tear and deteriorate over time, while Armor-Deck® platforms have been installed since 1999, without needing maintenance or replacement! 

Elevated FRP Transit Platforms

Armor-Deck®’s composite FRP panels are molded as monolithic slabs to precise tolerances which means they can simply be bolted in place, without any gaps or differences in elevation. Our transit platforms are much lighter and easier to work with than concrete, but have been extensively tested to provide the same stiffness as concrete.

Armor-Deck's Elevated Transit
Armor-Deck At-Grade Rail Platform

At-Grade FRP Transit Platforms

For installing detectable warning panels along transit platforms, Armor-Deck® saves you both time and money with our At-Grade FRP transit platforms. In just one day hundreds of linear feet of Armor-Deck® tiles can be installed without the use of heavy machinery. This transit platform boarding system can easily accommodate curves and varying elevations.

Heated FRP Transit Platforms

For transit platforms exposed to harsh winter climates, Armor-Deck® offers Nexatherm® Frost, Ice and Snow Melting System. Nextatherm®panels protect your transit platforms from the corrosive effects of salt and other deicing chemicals and the wear and tear of heavy snow removal machinery. Only operating during times of snowfall, Nexatherm® operates at a high efficiency to reduce idling costs and safely remove snow and ice which makes your platform safer.

Armor-Deck Nexatherm Heated ADA Tile

Work with Armor-Deck® for all your transit platform needs!

Our products put passenger and pedestrian safety first, while providing a long-lasting cost-effective solution.

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