Composite Stairs Customized to Your Project

Armor-Deck®’s Composite Stairs lengthen the life span of your investment. Where salt and other corrosive materials would wear down concrete and steel, Armor-Deck®’s composite material remains unaffected. These stairs are highly durable, and can be used on existing substrates or in new construction. Additionally, Armor-Deck®’s composite stairs are available in a variety of widths, lengths, colors and finishes to best suit your project’s needs!

Composite Stair Features

Armor-Deck®’s Composite Stairs boast a significantly longer lifespan than traditional materials such as steel and concrete. Traditional building materials are subject to the wears and tears of heavy pedestrian traffic, as well as deterioration from salt and other corrosive ice melting materials. Our composite stairs however, remain unaffected by these environmental factors. Moreover, these stairs do not require any maintenance to remain effective.

Our composite or aluminum treads are available in a variety of patterns to provide exceptional traction in any weather condition. For outdoor applications that are exposed to harsh winter climates, Armor-Deck®’s composite stairs are available in a heated version. These stairs utilize our Nexatherm® technology, to melt snow and ice without the use of corrosive materials, and eliminating labor costs.   

Armor-Deck® Composite Stairs Applications

Most commonly, Armor-Deck® Composite Stairs can be found throughout transit stations, and multi-modal transit stations.  

The required hardware for installation in new or existing construction projects is supplied with every set of Armor-Deck® Composite Stairs.

Some noteworthy features of Armor-Deck®’s Composite Stairs include:

  • Easily customizable to meet the specific needs of your project.
  • Photoluminescent step edges from ecoglo® can be added to enhance safety.
Armor-Deck Pedestrian bridge at Winnetka