State of the Art Transit Safety Solutions

Armor-Deck Nexatherm Heated ADA Tile

Nexatherm® Ice and Snow Melting Systems

Nexatherm® is a controlled heating distribution panel for frost, ice and snow melting applications. Only activated during snowfall or frost, Nexatherm® eliminates traditional costly wintertime idling. When activated during snowfalls, the system extends the life of transit platforms by eliminating the use of salt or other deicing chemicals.
Armor-Deck's Elevated Transit

Elevated Transit Boarding Platform

The Armor Deck® elevated transit boarding platform system uses structural composite slabs in place of traditional materials like concrete, to significantly reduce weight. The system has been developed to provide a much longer life span than other materials. Where salt or chemicals are used for snow and ice melting, concrete platforms have shown signs of deterioration after a few years, required constant maintenance and eventual replacement. 
Elevated Transit Platform installed by Armor-Deck

At Grade Transit Boarding Platforms

The Armor Deck® At Grade panel system was developed to save time and reduce costs in the installation of detectable warning panels on asphalt platforms. Hundreds of linear feet or Armor Deck®’s tactile panels can be installed in just one day, without the use of heavy equipment. The installed panels are then used at one edge of the platform to place the asphalt or pavers. These panels can easily accommodate curved platforms and contour to varying elevations.
Armor-Deck bridge at Winnetka

Pedestrian Bridges

Armor Deck® Pedestrian Bridges provide an opportunity for architects and engineers to design an aesthetically pleasing application using a safe, durable and lightweight installation. Additionally, Armor Deck®’s specialized non-porous, highly durable material is corrosion and slip resistant, enhancing pedestrian safety. Color selection and the ease of installation are just two more reasons making Armor Deck® Pedestrian bridges the right choice for your project.
Armor-Deck Pedestrian bridge at Winnetka

Armor-Deck® Stairs

Designed to be a structural platform edge installed on a compacted gravel with minimal labor and simple carrying straps. The reduce in overall construction costs means faster installation times, and shorter critical path scheduling. The Armor-Deck® At Grade Transit Boarding Platform System is capable of accepting curved platforms and contours to varying elevations. Precise tolerances are provided due to…

Armor-Deck Portable Folding Ramp

Armor-Deck® Ramps

Armor Deck® Polymer Composite Transit Boarding Ramps have been used for over 10 years in a variety of transit applications. These ramps can be supplied as portable or fixed, depending on the needs of your project. Lightweight, safe, and durable – engineers have been designing platforms to utilize Armor Deck® panels that not only reduce the critical path scheduling of a project, but also help save money.